10 + 1 Things We Love

We've been making our way down the East coast for the past week, so blog posts have been lacking without a decent wifi connection. However, there are lots of photos being posted over on our Facebook page, so go give that a like if you haven't already. We should be back home in Key Largo by week's end! In the meantime, some things we love about living aboard 'Wanderer':

1) We are always home. Traveling as we do means never unpacking, and that even in the most remote anchorage you have everything you need close at hand.

2) It's cozy. Like a small log cabin or treehouse cozy.

3) It's pretty “green”. Most of our onboard power comes from our solar panel. The rest we run the Diesel engine for, but that is usually a byproduct of moving somewhere else under power. Diesel engines being very efficient, we burn about 1/3 gallon an hour.

4) Cooking. Meals are important for onboard morale and living on a budget means not many nights dining out (plus we are pretty decent cooks*). So to pass the time underway we are often talking about the next creative meal idea we can have with the ingredients at hand in our tiny (but very user friendly) kitchen (galley).

5) Sailing. While it's true that on longer trips we usually end up motor sailing a lot of the way, those few hours of moving along on only wind power are always wonderful.

6) Self-Sufficiency. We've managed to fix and repair everything on the boat from engine work to fiberglass to rigging. Living aboard a sailboat can be a DIY'ers dream.**

7) Meeting people. From the cruisers sharing the anchorage or the slip next to you to the locals in the towns and cities along the way, traveling in a boat is a great way to discover new friends and interesting personalities.

8) Freedom. Traveling in our home lets us come and go as we please and if we really like somelplace to stay as long as we like.***

9) Sunsets. Whether it's simply losing our light to work on deck or a reminder for cocktails we pause and take notice of their beauty and originality.

10) Simplicity. Having a “tiny home” has always been a dream. Living small and simple allows you to spend less time working to afford all the trappings that come with big complicated things like more big complicated things.

11) Reading. Because let's be honest who doesn't love time to read? Especially cozying up below in our “cave” or soaking in the sun while under sail.

*usually we whip up something good but sometimes things don't work out as planned. The pink mashed potatoes of '08 and undercooked scallop incident are cases in point.

**its not always fun being up to your elbows in engine oil when there are nearby reefs and beaches to explore, but it's just par for the course.

***obviously money is an issue! Hence we are returning to the Keys to work for a bit. But we did choose to go live in that subtropic paradise anyway.

Do you plan to, or have you lived on a boat? What did you love or look forward to about life afloat? Leave a comment below!



13 responses to “10 + 1 Things We Love

  1. I love being in tune with the phases of the moon. When you’re living on a boat you just know what the moon is up to in a more intimate way.

  2. One of my favorite things about cruising is watching the sun rise. It truly is magical. Whether Jason and the dogs are sleeping and it is just me and my coffee or if I have the night shift that crosses over the sun rise, I love it just the same.

  3. One of my favorite things about sailing/cruising is watching the sun rise! It doesn’t matter if it is just me and my coffee or watching it during my night shift – I love it just the same!

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