Sail Loot Interview!

Earlier this week we were lucky to spend some time chatting with Teddy who hosts the Sail Loot podcast. Teddy is out to find out as much as he can about us folks floating about out on the blue, and foremost amongst his questions are how the heck we afford it.

Teddy does a really great job with these interviews and keeps them entertaining and informative.  He also gets us to bare our financial souls for all of you wondering what a “yacht” like “Wanderer” costs.   Enough about it, go listen:

Sail Loot Interview

You can also find the podcast through iTunes and download it to your mobile gadgets and gizmos.  And while you’re at it go like Sail Loot on Facebook and listen to some of the other cool interviews he has done with the crews of “Delos” and “Totem“.

Thanks to Teddy for having us on the podcast, it was a lot of fun, and dare we say…awesome!

How do you think the interview went?  Any other questions you wish Teddy had asked or things we could have expanded on?  Let us know in the comments below.


3 responses to “Sail Loot Interview!

  1. Great interview! Kinda of weird though…we got the sailing bug on our honeymoon in Negril (2008), we’ll be cruising with student loans too and while we don’t have a Viszla (multiple family members do though) we do have a German Shorthair Pointer (pretty close right???). We’ll be coming down the East Coast from the Great Lakes next fall, maybe we’ll be in your neighborhood at some point! Cheers! ~Jackie

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