Liebster Award!

The Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers to bloggers in an effort to draw recognition and give appreciation to blogs they enjoy reading.  The gist of it is you get nominated and the nominator has a list of questions that you answer, then you go ahead and pay it forward by nominating a few other blogs with a list of questions for them.  Get it?  Good!

We here at Sailing Wanderer are very honored to have been nominated twice, once by Ron & Jackie from Skelton Crew, and by Ellen & Seth from Gone Floatabout.  If you enjoy reading our blog, definitely go give theirs a try as well.  Both are young couples cruising; Skelton Crew just beginning their adventures, and Gone FloatAbout have already circumnavigated (they read our humble blog, what?!?)!  Thanks for the nominations guys!

Questions from Gone FloatAbout:

1. What has been your favorite moment on (or in) the water so far?

Tough one, if only because there are so many!
Bill – One of them has to be the awesome sail we had from Lynyard Cay to Hope Town in the Abacos.  Broad reaching over clear green waters for hours.  What this sailing stuff is all about for me anyway.
Trisha – Our five days anchored at “airport beach” in the Berry Islands.  Perfect crescent shaped beach with awesome sand, water, and places to paddle board and explore.

2. What brought you to sailing/solo voyaging (Glenn)/diving (Pink Tank) in the first place?

Our Honeymoon in Negril, Jamaica.  We ended up sailing all week on a little Hobie Cat at the resort and got hooked on sailing and warm tropical waters.

3.  What is your biggest passion outside of sailing (or diving for PT)?

Bill – I really enjoy Scuba Diving and am working on getting more certifications.  I’ve been enjoying this writing thing too!
Trisha – Cooking, napping, and being in nature.

4. What is your favorite book and why?

Bill – “Sloop” by Daniel Robb.  It’s about a guy (Robb) restoring his family’s old Herreshoff sloop near Woods Hole, MA.  It’s beautifully written and really captures the sense of place, the characters are unique (and real), and the romance and poetry of sailboats.
Trisha – “Rowing the Atlantic” by Roz Savage.  It’s an excellent book about choosing the life you want, overcoming fears, and both mental and physical strength.

5.  What has been your most difficult/challenging moment out on (or in) the water?

Bill – Probably when we ran aground, lost our dinghy (recovered), and the transmission lost reverse all in the course of about an hour.  Oh yeah, this was less than a week into cruising & on Trisha’s birthday.  It was mentally and emotionally draining.  I wanted to give up (glad I didn’t).
Trisha – The same.  It was the most mentally challenging day of cruising we have had.


Happy to be “Liebster’d”


Questions from Skelton Crew:

What do your future sailing/cruising plans look like?

Well, we are currently living aboard in Key Largo, FL and working so that we can go out cruising again.  We’d like to explore more of the Bahamas in the next few years for maybe a month at a time. Being based in the Keys makes it pretty easy to do.  We also want to cruise around the Keys more.  Then in a few years we’d love to do a loop around the Caribbean for a year or two.

How did you find out about the cruising community?

Google.  Seriously, it probably happened while I was bored at work sitting at a desk and hating life when I searched “sailing in the Caribbean” or something like that.  I remember I found the Cruisers & Sailing Forum and soon after I was reading through Bumfuzzle.  After that there were subscriptions to Latitudes & Attitudes, Cruising World, and visits to the Newport Boat Show.

Who’s idea was it to get into sailing and what convinced the other half to go along with it?

Mostly mine (Bill).  Trisha wanted to downsize and simplify our lives, so living on a boat seemed like a logical step in that direction.

What do you think is most overrated about sailing/cruising?

The sailing.  We’ve found, and I think most do, that when you are out there cruising you aren’t going to get to sail as much as you’d like to get from destination to destination.  Either the wind is too light, too strong, or from the wrong direction to allow you to get where you want to go in a reasonable time frame, ie. daylight.  So you end up motor sailing, or sometimes just motoring.  But those few times you do get to only sail, well, it keeps you coming back for more.

What ONE word describes why you sail/cruise?


What was/is your biggest fear about cruising/living on a sailboat?

Trisha – Someone falling overboard in the middle of the night.
Bill – Sinking.  I think I have many fears about the boat, but they all lead up to it sinking.

What was your scariest moment on the boat?

The first major wind event we went through in the Berry Islands.  It was the day the bolts that hold the prop shaft to the transmission broke and we were only able to replace one of three.  In the middle of the night we awoke to the sky being blacker than black and in a few minutes the wind went from calm to blowing 40 and more.  There were rock islands all around us and we were not sure the one bolt holding our prop shaft on would hold if we had to really use the engine hard if the anchor dragged or the rode snapped.  We barely got any sleep that night and replaced all the bolts the following morning.  We had dinner aboard another cruiser’s boat the next night and he had been in the Bahamas 40 years and said he never experienced anything like that storm.  Lessons learned:  We trust and love our Rocna anchor, don’t trust the forecast, try to fix the boat as soon as possible.

What is the hardest part about blogging?

Regularly updating the blog.  I try to do an update a week, which is usually manageable.  I’m in awe of those bloggers who put out three or four posts per week.

What’s the story behind your boat name?

‘Wanderer’ is the name of the boat from the movie Captain Ron, which is a sailing classic and a big hit with both of our families while we were growing up.  Also there is the great book of the same name by Sterling Hayden.  And, the classic Tolkein quote: “Not all who wander are lost”, which we have framed in the salon.

Tell us something we don’t know about you

Trisha – I love to dance, and really enjoyed the “Rake n Scrape” Bahamian music.  And I get really “hangry” so Bill usually packs a granola bar for his safety.
Bill – I love to dance…at weddings with open bars.  I hate being called “Captain”, even though I hold a Merchant Mariner Masters License.  If I’m not driving the QE2, a Destroyer, or a Tall Ship please don’t call me “Cap’n”.

Thanks again for the nomination!  Now here are our picks and questions:

The gringos over at 2 Gringos in the Caribbean.  A wonderfully written expat/sailing/boating blog about life in the Turks & Caicos Islands by some folks who really know how to live, and they take great pictures too!

Katie & Jessie on a Boat – Two young women and a dog who have just done America’s Great Loop aboard a 27′ sailboat.  Inspiring, thoughtful, funny, with gorgeous photos.

With Brio – A young couple who just completed an awesome journey from the Pacific Coast of Mexico all the way to Maine.  Good writing, great pictures (I’m sensing a theme here with these nominations, eh?).

Sailing Detour (Formerly Rode Trip) – This young couple just sold their first boat and are in France now to get another one which they are going to sail with their parents?!?  Good adventures!

Sail Loot – Teddy is on a quest to get some Sail Loot & find out about this crazy cruising life.  He’s done some great interviews with cruisers on his podcast and has some good stuff going over there.

I Hate Shoes – Scott “Sailor” Keddy was an early inspiration as we chased our cruising dreams.


Why the heck do you want to live on a boat anyway?

What is your favorite meal onboard?

What is your dream location to cruise?

What’s been the funniest moment onboard?

If you could give one piece of advice to newbie cruisers, what would it be?


9 responses to “Liebster Award!

  1. Congratulations! Love to read all your blogs & listen to the interview! I would TOTALY do this if I only knew how to drive/sail a boat! Keep it coming my friends! Glad your back!
    Xo ✌️♥️😀

  2. Thanks for the great answers, and fun to see your responses to Skelton Crew too 🙂 Scuba diving’s one our big passions outside of sailing as well—deciding whether or not to take the plunge (oh dear, bad pun!) into cold-water diving…

    Some gratuitous advice you might not want, but we found a few ways to keep us SAILORS and not just CRUISERS, if that makes sense:
    1) Fly the spinnaker! It takes extra effort but is super fun, even offshore if you have the right conditions.
    2) Reserve motorsailing for real necessities like the tide pushing you so far off course you’re making zero windward progress.
    3) Take the boat out just for fun, not just to get to the next destination.
    4) Get (or build) a sailing rig for the dinghy! (This was pretty easy for us because we have a GRP rowboat as a dinghy instead of an inflatable, so might be harder for other cruisers, but well worth it!)

    Hope that helps bring back a little Hobie Cat sailing joy into cruising!
    P.S. Of course we read your blog! We love blogs like yours with fun posts and a good attitude 🙂

    • Good advice! To be sure, there are times we strictly sail. We definitely don’t use the spinnaker enough though. One of the things we are looking forward to now that we are back in Key Largo is just going out and doing some day sails. That’s my favorite kind of sailing 🙂

  3. Nice Job on the answers. loved the story of the day you grounded, lost dinghy and tranmission trouble. Those days are the ones that are not funny at the time but you can laugh about after your survive the day. I always savor the hours of bliss while sailing and wait for the 15 minutes of terror everytime I go out. Keep up the great stories.

    Bob SV Rockstar

    • Thanks for reading Bob! A lot of the worst parts of sailing/cruising make for great stories after a few months and a few beers of perspective!

  4. Awesome! I know cruising is full of tough lessons and learning as you go and it sounds like you guys are doing a great job at that and having some fun too. Keep it up! 🙂 ~Jackie

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