Farewell Wanderer (I)

Wanderer, the namesake boat of this blog and at times our home, friend, and object of affection, sold to new owners today.  It’s definitely with a heavy heart that we pass on our awesome boat to new owners.  Luckily the new owners are retired and sail a bunch up on the Panhandle so we know she will be used, which is something we haven’t been doing much of unfortunately.

What is a boat anyway?  It’s a bunch of plastic and metal molded into something that holds our dreams.  In the two short years, of her venerable thirty six, that we were lucky enough to have her, she gave life to our dreams of cruising and living aboard a sailboat.  I’ve often said the Pearson 323 is about the best 32′ sailboat of the late 70s for a couple to cruise on, and Wanderer proved it again and again.  She hits a sweet spot between stout construction, sailing abilities, liveability, beauty and overall awesomeness that many boats don’t even come close to (I’m looking at you Morgan OI 33).

So we move on.  She wasn’t the first boat and won’t be the last though the memories we made aboard will last a lifetime and Wanderer (I) will always hold a sweet spot in our hearts.

So what’s next?  Well there is absolutely more cruising in the future with a toddler in tow.  Thanks for reading the blog, checking us out on Facebook, and following along.  More to come…

DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO wpid-Photo-20140731085226.jpg wpid-Photo-20140731085227.jpg photo 2 (2) DCIM100GOPRO






4 responses to “Farewell Wanderer (I)

  1. Great pictures, I read a great analogy of boat ownership in Cruising Outpost that said we really never really own our boats but just upgrade and take care of them for the next owners. You guys did a great job on your watch. I hope the new owners keep up the tradition. Fair winds. Look forward to reading about the next adventure.

  2. Congratulations Bill. Saw you at Marks place the day before Wanderers sea trial. We were curious how things went. Evidently they went well. Now then, as far as your next adventure. Hold on tight brother. This one’s gonna make your head spin. Introduce the little one to sailing as soon as you can. Keep ’em addicted to the sailing life so they’ll never be able to afford drugs! Fair winds.

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