Life Lately

Wow.  That year just slipped by.

On Tuesday we celebrated Finley’s 1st birthday.  Becoming parents is as awesome, inspiring and tiring as everyone says it is.  Fin has become the light of our lives and a great inspiration.  We are so grateful to have such a sweet, playful, and adventurous little girl in our lives.img_1755

For a long time we were on the fence about having a baby, but living on a sailboat and cruising was what finally pushed us over the edge.  As amazing as our travels were we kept thinking how wonderful it would be to give that life to a child.  What new wonderment and adventures a kid could have living on a boat and visiting islands that pirates used to haunt.  What experiences they would have learning from other cultures and seeing foreign countries during their childhood.  So that’s the plan.  A few years from now we are going to be back out there.

In the meantime we’ve moved away from our beloved Florida Keys and relocated to the charming little town of Dunedin, FL.  We’re lucky enough to have two barrier islands that are state parks with great beaches, a nice marina, and an ever increasing number of great restaurants and craft breweries.

Aside from being a more family friendly locale, I (Bill) took a job opportunity with The Moorings as a yacht broker.  If you’ve ever dug around this blog or listened to our Sail Loot podcast you’ll have known that I have been a Boat Captain and broker for a while.  It’s a great position to help others start out with or continue their cruising on some great modern boats.  In fact I found out about the position by browsing around for our next boat.

If anyone’s in the market please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’d be happy to talk cruising and boats anytime.
Bill.Regan (@)

We hope to get some travel and sailing in over the course of the next year.  One of the sweet perks of working for the largest sailboat charter company in the world is getting some serious discounts.  So look for future posts and photos from those trips.  I also hope to give some more insight into some of the sailing trips we’ve taken in the past.  So stay tuned to the blog, and always on Facebook and Instagram too (@boatbumlife).


Sailing a Corsair 24 a few months ago!


Fin loves the water…


…and the beach!


2 responses to “Life Lately

  1. Bill, Great to hear from you. What great pictures. You and your wife have a very beautiful daughter. I remember how proud my wife and I were when our two children were born. Enjoy it as it goes by so fast. If you are ever headed to the Los Angeles area, my 323 is available for a day sail just let me know Bob Feld Robert Feld Brokerage Services 208 North 29th Suite 212 Billings, Montana 59101 406-255-8682 Office 406-855-6682 Cellular 406-255-8683 Fax

    • Bob, thanks for the kind words and the very kind offer to use your 323! I’ve never made it to the West Coast year and feel a trip there is long overdue!

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